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ISLisp Verification System
ISLisp Verification System veifies that an ISLisp processor is compliant with the ISLisp standard. The verification system was developed to define interpretations of ISO standard details and complement ISLisp standard specifications.
The ISLisp veification system has the following features;
  • The verification system has a set of test data and automatically executes all tests defined in the verification data.  
  • For errors, the verification system can verify whether or not an error is equal to a specific error that ISlisp specification defines.

  • Configuration of ISLisp Verification System

    ISLisp veification system consists of Verification system and verification data as shown the figure below. The verification system gives a form from the verification data to an ISLisp processor to be verified and compares a returned value from the ISLisp processor and a value defined in the verification data.

    The verification data was developed to complement ISLisp specifications and stadardize interpretations of interpretations of the language specifications. The verifications data consists of about 16,000 items.