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OK! ISLisp

OK! ISLisp was developed by Kyoto University, Toyohashi Institue of Technology and Oki Electric Industry Co.,Ltd. The work was supported by IPA (Information Technology Promotion Agency, Japan).

Features of OK! ISLisp  

OK! ISLisp was developed to encourage broader use of ISLisp. To achieve this objective, it was designed to be easily ported onto a wide class of computer systems and to have enough efficiency so that it would be used in real applications. OK! ISLisp has following technical features.

ISO Standard compliant ISLisp system
OK! ISLisp is compliant with ISO ISLisp standard. To keep compliance with ISO standard, OK! ISLisp has ISLisp verification System and verification tests are performed for each modification or version up of OK! ISLisp system.
One of objectives of development of OK! ISLisp is to encourage broader use of ISLisp. OK! ISLisp was designed so that it can be easily ported on a wide class of CPU and OS in a short time. To ease development of compilers for various machines, OK! ISLisp is a byte code machine and the compiler produces byte code programs for the byte code machine.
Compact ISLisp processor
OK! ISLisp is almost entirely written in ANSI-C and the system is very compact. The size of OK! ISLisp is about 300KB or 500KB depending on versions. This small size enables OK! ISLisp to run on small computer environments,
High performance  
The byte code machine is not a best architecture to achieve a very fast Lisp system. However, OK! ISLisp realized enough efficiency by designing lisp objects including data tags so that accessing and operating lisp objects can be carried out efficiently.

Supporting CPU and OS  

OK! ISLisp runs on the following CPU and OS.
Version CPU OS
Windows Intel IA32 Windows XP/Vista/7
Linux Intel IA32 Linux
Solaris SUN SPARC Solaris