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ISLisp Specifications

ISO Standard Specification

ISLisp standard specifications given below can be purchased from ISO as printed matter.
  • ISO/IEC 13816:1997-Programming Language ISLISP
  • ISO/IEC 13816:2007-Programming Language ISLISP 

Besides the above formal standard publications, the following equivalent public domain workind draft specifications are available at Yuasa lab of Kyoto University .
ISLisp Version Working Draft Specification
ISLisp 2007 ISLisp-WorkingDraft-v23
ISLisp 1997 ISLisp-WorkingDraft-v20.3

JIS Lisp Standard

JIS X 3012:1998 Programming Language ISLISP, Lisp standard in JIS(Japanese Industrial Standards), is compliant with ISO standard. It was made as Japanese translatioon of the ISO stanbdard and established in 1998. Although JIS X 3012:1998 is based on ISO/IEC 13816:1997-Programming Language ISLISP, it is actually equivalent to ISO/IEC 13816:2007-Programming Language ISLISP, because Corrigendum was reflected during the translation phase.
There is no public domain documents for JIS X 3012: 1998 ISLISP. However, PDF documents of the standard can be viewed at JIS site.